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The chemical formula of mineral Menaccanite is indicated by (FeTi)2O2 or Iron Titanium Oxide. Menacannite is usually found as irregular masses. It has no crystallographic outline but sometimes can be found forming rhombohedral crystals or skeleton-like growths that appears very interesting when viewed under polarizing microscope used in optical mineralogy. it is most commonly found brownish. Most Menacannite crystals are found translucent in appearance and in mica-like forms as described in optical mineralogy field. Some specimens however can be also found opaque in appearance in iron-black color exhibiting metallic luster when viewed in reflected light of polarized microscope used in optical mineralogy. When menacannite crystals are found translucent, they are usually exhibiting a brown to yellow pleochroism when evaluated with the aid of polarized microscope used in optical mineralogy. It also shows a not so strong double refraction under polarizing microscopes. Menaccanite minerals are found to be optically negative minerals.


            As studied in optical mineralogy, Menaccanite often takes place to a whitish, strongly refracting, substance only by slightly transparent called leucoxene. This alteration product frequently develops along definite rhombohedral directions. There can be also possible change to titanite or rutile or it can be surrounded by these minerals. It can be easily distinguished from hematite and magnetite by whitish, strongly refracting decomposition product. At times the distinction may be very difficult.


            Menaccanite occurs particularly in soda-rich and basic eruptive rocks. The mica-like forms are usually limited to the porphyritic eruptives. The brown pigment in the plagioclase of certain gabbros may be Menaccanite. It is attacked slowly by hot hydrochloric acid, and the solution when heated with tin becomes violet. Pure Menaccanite is indifferent towards the magnet, hence strong magnetic properties would indicate a mixture with magnetite.

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